Trump 2024
Trump 2024
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Trump 2024

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—-Trump 2024 Mold—-

-High-quality shiny mold

-Shiny so easy removal

-Easy to decorate

-Measurement: Refer to Picture

-Shipping : Ships in 1 - 2 Business days from CA, USA

-Terms of Use: This mold can be used to create a finished product or personal or commercial use. The mold, itself, is copyright and can not be duplicated.

***This is a custom mold designed exclusively by That Glitter Supplier. The copyright for this mold is owned by That Glitter Supplier; therefore, the mold or slight variations of the mold or design can not be duplicated in any form. Any attempt to replicate this mold or slight variations of this mold and design will be reported for infringement without warning***